Juul e-cigarettes have become a national phenomenon, capturing the interest of smokers across the country. Although they have become increasingly prevalent in the media and pop culture, very little is known by the general public about the brand and its product.

Juul e-cigarettes are popular among smokers due to their stylish design, ease of use, and potency as an alternative smoking device. However, most smokers don’t know exactly what goes inside of a Juul pod, the small cartridges containing nicotine salts that give smokers the buzz they’ve grown accustomed to.juul pod

What Are the Ingredients in a Juul Pod?

Curious to find out what exactly is found inside a juul pod? Here are the six primary ingredients:

1) Glycerol: Glycerol is a sweet-tasting, colorless, odorless liquid that can be found in plants and animals. Although it has many uses commercially, glycerol is typically added to vaporization liquids in order to give them moisture. Acting as a “humectant”, glycerol makes it easier for users to inhale the nicotine as a vapor, allowing for smoother consumption. Glycerol is also a popular choice as an artificial sweetener, as it does not feed the bacteria that form plaques and cause dental cavities


2) Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol is very similar to glycerol, as it is frequently used as a humectant in vaporization liquids. When it is heated, it produces a smoke-like vapor, which can be seen most prevalently when a user takes a hit from their Juul ecig. Although it can cause irritation of the airways, very large quantities must be inhaled to have a noticeable impact on the human body.


3) Natural Oils: These oils are one of the key components to the flavoring of each Juul pod. Depending on the flavor of your Juul pod, the oil will vary. Juul pods that are the menthol flavor will have menthol oil, while mango flavor Juul pods will contain some mango oil to add a more authentic flavoring.


4) Extracts and Flavor: Similar to natural oils, extracts and flavoring are both used to provide users with a more authentic, flavorful smoking experience. The diversity of extracts and flavors available for purchase make Juul ecigs one of the most popular and tasty e-cigarette brands in the world.


5) Nicotine: Nicotine is the active ingredient in Juul ecigs that gives them their potency. Smokers craving a buzz enjoy the strength of Juul pods because they contain nearly the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes. Nicotine is also the key ingredient that causes tobacco addiction. Juul recently announced that they will begin to offer pods with lower—and less addictive—nicotine concentrations.


6) Benzoic Acid: Benzoic acid is widely known as a food preservative, although it can also be used to increase nicotine potency. This is the primary reason it’s used in Juul pods, as it provides an even stronger smoke for users without having to add nicotine. Benzoic acid does have carcinogenic properties, but the exact degree is still up for speculation.

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