CBD Hemp Oil

cbd hemp oilCBD hemp oil is all the rage lately and is being credited with some amazing abilities. It isn’t said to cure a common cold yet, but it wouldn’t surprise us if someone made that claim. It does, however, have some amazing benefits which is why it is so popular. We carry CBD oil only our E-commerce site. Shop online now!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD hemp oil is derived from the Cannabis plant, which is the same type of plant we get marijuana from. Hemp, however, does not contain THC, which is the part that gets you high. Using CDB oil has many positive effects, but getting high is not one of them. The cannabis plant has a lot of chemicals and compounds, and what is used in CBD oil is one of them.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

There is solid scientific evidence that CBD is effective in treating some forms of epilepsy, but in many other areas, there are a lot of people saying it has benefits even if science has not yet made that determination. It has a solid reputation as a pain reliever and has helped many people deal with anxiety and depression. People who use it say it is very relaxing, and that could also help with sleep issues.

While it has been shown to help with epilepsy, the jury is still out on other neurological disorders. Even so, many people claim it helps with spasms and other things related to muscular issues. It could also help with Parkinson’s Disease, and some say it could help slow the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

While it is not a cure for cancer, it does help cancer patients handle pain and nausea that comes with cancer treatments. It has shown promise in slowing the growth of certain cancers. Just as medicinal marijuana helps with nausea, CBD hemp oil does as well.

CBD hemp oil also helps relieve symptoms related to inflammation, which is related to relieving pain. That also helps with acne and other skin issues.

One side effect to be aware of is that CBD hemp oil is known to interact with other medications, so it is a good idea to check with your doctor before starting to use the substance.

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil

There are liquid versions of hemp oil that you put in your mouth and let dissolve. This is the most popular method and we have varieties of flavors at Vapor Smoke Shop.

You may also vape the oil in a regular vape pen or pod. Make sure you clean out your vape device before and after use, and it may be a good idea to have a separate device for vaping CBD oil.

Salves and pain creams are also options. They can help with any kind of headaches, arthritis, eczema, rashes, pimples, burns.

  • CBD dog and catnip oil and treats
  • Hemp flower – available in 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, pre-rolls, caviar blunts (hemp flower with wax and drizzled with terpenes)
  • Wax
  • Terpene flavorings that mimic strains like sativa, hybrids, indica
  • Isolates
  • Edibles like cotton candy, gummies, lollipops

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