Juul ecigs are a popular brand of ecigarette that’s taking the world by storm. Known for its sleek design, ease of use, and array of flavors, Juul ecigs are being used by more smokers every day.

For smokers that may be more acclimated to the traditional method of smoking, you may be surprised by how enjoyable smoking a Juul ecig can be, as well as the potential benefits it can provide.

There are a number of advantages to smoking a Juul ecig in comparison to traditional cigarettes. We’ve pulled together some of the top reasons below:

They’re Portable

Juul ecigs are small, slightly larger than a flash drive. Because of their compact design, they are easy to transport and can easily fit into a pocket, bag, or storage space. Their small, lightweight design is easier to handle than a pack of cigarettes, which can be damaged or dry out if left open. For smokers that frequently smoke on the go, at work, or while travelling, the Juul ecig is a great option. 

They Produce No Smoke

Cigarettes produce a ton of smoke, which can be harmful, disruptive, or uncomfortable for people around you to inhale. Tobacco smoke also has a powerful smell, which sticks to your skin, clothing, and hair after you finish. For smokers that want to be a bit more subtle, Juul ecigs are a good option. Juul ecigs do not burn continuously like cigarettes do, and do not produce tobacco smoke; users exhale vaporized nicotine salt, which is released as a small cloud that smells like whatever flavor oil you may have selected. For smokers that are in environments that are not smoke-friendly, Juul ecigs are a subtle solution.

They’re Less Harsh

Juul ecigs contain protonated nicotine, which is less harsh on the lungs than tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke from a cigarette is full of toxins and carcinogens that can lead to health problems, while Juul ecigs contain far fewer toxins and chemicals. Because of it’s unique design Juul ecigs also allow smokers to inhale larger amounts of nicotine without the irritation or coughing that a traditional cigarette causes.  Smokers can smoke more, for longer periods of time with Juul ecigs.


They Save You Money

Because Juul ecigs contain a much higher concentration of nicotine than most ecigarettes, they’re a powerful alternative to cigarettes. One Juul pack, (which provides 200 puffs) contains the same amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes (a full pack). With such a high nicotine concentration and quantity of puffs, smokers will find themselves spending less on smoking over the course of a year.

They Produce Less Waste

Traditional cigarettes are single-use products that can produce a ton of waste. After they are used, their butts are thrown into the trash, on the ground, into storm drains, and numerous other places, leaving behind trash that is harmful to the environment. Juul ecigs are rechargeable devices that operate by using cartridges full of nicotine oil. Because these cartridges provide many puffs before having to be thrown away, Juul ecigarettes can potentially produce less waste in the long term.

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