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Vapor Smoke Shop offers a large selection of hookahs and shisha. We carry a variety of hookahs such as the Mya hookah, Baadshah hookah, Fumo Glass hookah, Khalil Mamoon, and Egyptian hookahs. If you have never tried smoking a hookah, come check us out! We welcome beginners who have never lit a coal and hookah aficionados who have their shisha preferences down to an exact science.


Affordable Hookahs in Charlotte

Our hookahs start from $19.99. Beyond the price tag, if you’ve ever used a hookah, you may be familiar with the fact that they help what you’re smoking go a bit further. In particular, when you smoke tobacco out of a hookah, it feels markedly different than when you smoke tobacco out of a pipe or rolling papers.

You no longer have to travel halfway across the world to get a hookah from an Egyptian bazaar or an Indian market. Instead, you can get affordable prices close to home. We always have the lowest prices in Charlotte on our hookahs and shisha.


Range of Hookah Styles

There are many different types of hookahs to choose from depending on how much smoke and flavor you want to get. We have different colored glass on the base of the hookah, hoses with a variety of designs, and shafts that come in a range of different metallic colors and styles. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, we have the options you need.


Different Types of Shisha

Of course, getting a hookah is just the first step, and we can also help you find the shisha you need to fill your hookah. Come choose from our favorite shisha (flavored tobacco) at Vapor Smoke Shop. We stock Fantasia hookah tobacco, Haze tobacco, Starbuzz shisha, Strikingly Fresh Fumari, and Al Fakher shisha for advanced and beginning smokers. We have everything you need, whether you like fresh fruity flavors or classic tobacco inspired flavors that remind you of rich wood and warm leather.


Charcoal for Hookahs

To get the shisha burning, you need the right charcoal, and we carry that as well. We recommend using our Coco Nara coals.  They are both 100% sulfur-free and made from 100% coconut shells. These long lasting coals do not release carbon monoxide which makes it safe to smoke indoors. Don’t forget the tongs so you can load the charcoal easily. For people who don’t want to wait the 5-10 minutes of lighting their coals on the stove, we have 3 Kings and Al-Fahker charcoal for quick and instant lighting hookah charcoal.


Hookah Pens

For people who want a hookah pen on the go, come check out our e cig starter kits in a variety of flavors. They range from zero nicotine to 18mg of nicotine so you can get exactly what you need.

Hookah smoking is very enjoyable if you find the right flavor and good company to smoke with. Hookah smoking is safe to do indoors and outdoors. We help people from Pineville to Ballantyne, Uptown to Mint Hill, and everywhere in between to find the right smoking tools and equipment for them.

To see what we have, come and check out our shop and chat with our friendly staff. We are conveniently located in Matthews and Ballantyne. You can also send us a message or call Vapor Smoke Shop.

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