Juul E-Cigs are the Next Level of Vaping

juul podsA lot of people still smoke, and many are trying to switch to vapor as a means of quitting. Juul electronic cigarettes are designed with this person in mind. This e-cig looks like a flash drive, so it is very portable. It is a nice alternative to both the ashes of smoking and the more advanced vaping devices. Vapor Smoke Shop in Charlotte has all the Juul you need and can help you get started on this new trend.


How Do Juul Pods Work?

All vaping devices have the same basic function. Oil is heated to the point of becoming a vapor, which is inhaled.  A “pod” is the main part of the device that holds the liquid. Juul pods are unique in that they use salts from tobacco leaves. Salts are a variety of vaping, and the nicotine is absorbed into the body faster than it is with traditional vaping. It is more like a regular tobacco cigarette for that reason, which is why it is so helpful to smokers who are trying to quit.

Juul pods have more nicotine than regular e-cigarettes, which also makes them more like a regular cigarette. One advantage of standard vaping devices is that you have a lot of control over the nicotine level. The added level of nicotine may contribute to the popularity of this device. It also does not give the user the unpleasant feeling in the lungs that tobacco can produce.


Smoking vs. Vaping vs. Juul

juul podsPeople are making the move to vaping as they leave tobacco behind. Tradition vaping devices tend to be more expensive and there’s a learning curve with VG and power levels. Juul can be a good place to start on your vaping journey because it’s more approachable. If you come visit our vape shop in Charlotte we can show you how Juul e-cigs work and why they’re good for vaping beginners.

Juul pods are very simple to use. The formulation of the juice and all the other settings are preset so you have nothing you have to learn. Anyone can pick up a Juul pod and start using it. That simplicity is another reason it has become so popular.

There are color-coded flavors, making choices even simpler. The price is not terribly high, so you could have more than one cartridge so you can have different flavors to use as you wish. The Juul pods can be charged many times, and a tap on the side will display how much power is left. Plug it into a charger, or even your computer, just like you would a USB cord, and charging is set in motion.

Juul in Charlotte

Vapor Smoke Shop is your source for Juul pods in the Charlotte area. Stop by our vape shop today and try out the Juul pods.  Whether you are a beginner wanting to stop smoking, or an advanced vape user, you may be surprised at how much fun this device is.

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