The 510 battery has become the industry standard for powering vape pens. In some ways, this makes life easier for pen users as most batteries will fit the rest of the vaping device. Even so, it is still complicated to get the best performance out of your pen. This is why it makes sense to have a friend in the business, and that is what Vapor Smoke Shop offers its clients, a person in the business who knows their way around the 510 battery options.

A vape pen is the simplest of vaping devices, using a cartridge to hold the battery, along with an atomizer and the oil (or juice) that is made into vapor.  The battery is the power source, so having the right amount of power at the right time is important.

All of these pieces must be in synch to get the best vaping experience. While they do fit together, not every cartridge works well with every atomizer, and not every juice works with every battery. It’s the best for dry herb vaporizers.

The unique thing about the 510 battery is the threading, that has been universally accepted as the standard to attach to a vaporizer.  Still, you need the right one to go with your setup, and that is what sets the Vapor Smoke Shop apart as your go-to option with pen vaping.

Key Ideas for 510 Battery

Voltage is a key for the best vaping experience. Pens deliver between 3.3v and 4.8v of voltage. Stylus type pens start at the 3.3 level. Lower voltage produces the purest vapor.  A ceramic device produces around 3.7v and has a higher quality vapor.  Start with the lower power and work your way up to find what you like best. The voltage numbers tell you whether it is the right product for your cartridge and atomizer. The MAH rating tells how long the battery will last and that too is a consideration.

It is also important to use the vape charger that came with your cartridge and to use a USB charger instead of a fast charger with your pen.

There are also four kinds of oil vape cartridges. The classic polycarbonate or plastic cartridge is the starting point. The next step is a glass cartridge, and the third removes the wire coil and uses a ceramic heating element. The fourth generation uses a wickless ceramic cartridge. Each step uses a higher level of power. Pairing the right amount of power with your cartridge will give the best performance from your vape pen.

The quality of the battery itself is also crucial, and it is very hard to tell the difference by looking at them. One way to tell is by how the seller supports the product. If it has a lifetime warranty, then it will be of higher quality than one that does not.

Keep in mind all of these pieces must be in sync to get the best vaping experience. While they do fit together, not every cartridge works well with every battery, and not every juice works with every battery. It’s finding the right combination that can heat the liquid with the correct 510 battery.

Types of Pens

There are several types of pens to choose from as well. The buttonless stylus battery is the most common but also the cheapest. They are the easiest to use but do not last long. Next is the fixed voltage type cartridge, which is also easy to use and can be paired with higher quality oils and cartridges.

There are also fixed voltage batteries that offer an on and off switch. You can also control the power more easily.  Variable voltage batteries are the next step and offer the best quality.  Disposable, or one-time use batteries, are a cheap option. A concealable vape pen battery is also an option and is easy to use.

Buying a 510 battery can get complicated. Come to see us at the Vapor Smoke Shop to make sure you are getting the best battery for your setup to have the best possible vaping experience. Contact us or better yet visit us at your store!