It may seem like an extra expense, but buying a vape charger for your device is a good idea. Sure you can use a USB cord to plug your device into a wall or a computer, but vaping experts say this is not a good idea. Buying a separate charger could even save you money in the long run, and it will make your device perform better.  Vapor Smoke Shop is your local headquarters for chargers and all your vaping needs

Why Should I Invest in a Vape Charger?

The problem with many mods is that they need a certain amount of charge to operate at peak capacity. Giving your batteries too much of a charge can damage the batteries, and not getting enough charge affects the performance of your device.

A common battery used is the 18650 Lithium-Ion, which produces a lot of power quickly. The downside is there is no protection or control over how much charge they get when you plug them into a wall. With a charger, you can be sure you are getting the correct amount of charge for your batteries.

Another reason to get a charger is that these batteries can over-heat or leak when they get too hot. There have been instances of batteries exploding, but this is rare. The biggest advantage of the charger is that it is specifically designed to give you control over exactly how much charge your batteries get. That is important for vaping.

Most devices use two batteries, and it is a good idea to “marry” them by always using them paired together. You may get a charger with two, four or eight bays. How many you need will depend on how many batteries you need to keep charged, but it is a good idea to have two sets of batteries so you won’t find yourself without any power.

Here are a few of the best chargers out there:

  • The Nitescore SC2 is among the best for two-bay chargers. It offers powerful charging fast, in as little as 90 minutes. It has short circuit protection, automatically spots non-chargeable batteries, and has various levels of current available. It is one of the higher priced ones at around $40, but has a reputation for being the best quality and offers the most options.
  • At the other end is the VC2 Plus, which goes for around $20.  It will charge several sizes of Li-on batteries and produces the optimum charge of .5 to 1.0 amps. It gives real-time charging information so you know when your charging is done.  It does not have all the extras but offers a fine charge for two batteries at a time.
  • For the very serious vape user, or for groups of vape users, there is the Enova Gryfalcon All-88. This one can charge eight batteries at a time and sells for around $55.  It automatically shuts off when the optimum charge is obtained and has an LCD screen to show the progress of the charge.
  • A very nice four-bay charger is the Xtar VP4, which goes for around $40. It also can handle different sizes of batteries and has an auto-off feature. It also gives a display of the progress of the charge on each battery.

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