Choosing a smoke shop isn’t always an easy feat. What should you look for when selecting a smoke shop? How do you tell if it’s quality? Ideally, you should look for the following essential traits.

1. Variety of Products

Obviously, when choosing a smoke shop, it’s critical to choose a shop that offers what you use. For instance, if you love e-cigs or vape pens, you need a shop that carries those items and accessories, but you shouldn’t just look for a shop with the inventory you currently use.

Eventually, you may want to foray into shisha or explore the world of glass pipes. So that your options are open, you should choose a smoke shop that stocks a variety of products.

2. High Quality

In addition to looking at what a shop carries, check out the quality of their items. Do they have items that are designed to last for the long haul or do their items look like they’ll break down quickly? If a smoke shop combines amazing inventory and top notch quality, it deserves to be your go-to shop.

3. Price Match

If quality is important to you, you don’t necessarily want to look for a smoke shop with the cheapest items on display, but you do want to ensure the prices are competitive. To ensure you are always getting the best deal, look for a smoke shop that offers price matching. That means if you see an ad or a display in another shop where an item has a low price, your favorite smoke shop will match that price. That saves you money and helps you avoid over-priced buys.

4. Good Reviews

When a smoke shop is committed to quality, they link their reviews on their site. Take some time to read the reviews and see what other shoppers think of them. If the reviews are positive, that’s a good sign you should patronize that smoke shop.

In addition to checking out the reviews on the shop’s own site, consider checking out reviews on other sites such as Yelp. If you see a negative review, look at the date—if it was a long time ago, things may have changed. Also, see if the business responded. Their response can tell you a lot about their commitment to customer service.

5. Great Customer Service

You can start to learn about a smoke shop’s customer service when you read their reviews. A lot of reviewers comment on customer service. If the smoke shop employees are going above and beyond to help customers get what they need, that’s a positive sign.

However, you should also go into the smoke shop and see how you feel about the customer service. Did they answer your questions and help you find what you need? Were they friendly? How was the general vibe?

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