There are vape shops all around Charlotte, and around the world. A person can get vaping supplies at any Charlotte smoke shop.  We certainly know Vapor Smoke Shop is not the only shop in town, but we want to be the one you think of when you need vape juice or supplies. We are a top rated Charlotte smoke shop because we are locally owned and because we try to be the best.

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Customer Service

A Google reviewer appreciated the fact we kept the store open a few minutes past closing time so she could get what she needed. We always want to make sure we take care of our customers. Customer service is a common theme among our reviewers. We know you can shop anywhere, so we go the extra mile to make your experience with us something you can’t get anywhere else.

Price and Selection

Of course, we will price match any locally advertised price. Keep in mind though, that when you buy online you may be getting an inferior product. There are also cheap knock-offs that are basically fake products, and these are sold online at times. You may rest assured that at Vapor Smoke Shop we have the finest quality that is available. All of our products are the genuine article.

Many people are aware that you can buy e juice and other supplies cheaper online than at a locally owned Charlotte smoke shop. This is true. The advantage of buying at a local shop, even if it does cost a little more, is that you can see what you are buying and you can try it out before you buy. Our staff can also advise you about the various kinds of mods and other devices that you might use.

Other reviewers liked the juice we sell and found the prices competitive locally. We are one of the best Charlotte smoke shops because we have all the juices you could want, and we can even get you custom made juices to suit your tastes.

The main thing that makes us one of the best Charlotte smoke shops is that we take care of our customers. Many reviewers commented that they were made to feel welcome and they felt the staff really cared about them as an individual. At our store you are not just another face, you are an important individual looking for a good vaping experience. We really want to help make that good vaping experience happen. Come by 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b and you will see why we are the best Charlotte smoke shop.