We at Vapor Smoke Shop want you to have the best experience possible with your vaping device. For that reason, we recommend taking apart your vaping device each evening, or when it will not be used for an extended time. In some ways, vaping is a very simple. It is just a matter of turning the e juice into vapor, which you inhale. At the same time, the mods and other types of devices are a bit sensitive and there are a lot of considerations.

Why Remove the Tank?

The most important thing to do is to remove your vape tank, or atomizer, from the mod itself. This can prevent leaks or spills that can happen to the best mods. Some mods are more prone to leakage than others, so this is even more important if yours is one that has a reputation for leaking.

Vapor Smoke Shop can advise you on which ones are prone to leaking, and even a reputation for leaking is not enough of reason to reject some mods. Taking it apart at night is one way of helping those that do have a problem with leaking. Smok Tfv8 x-baby Baby Beast Brother and Aspire Revvo are tanks with top air flows so there’s absolutely no possible way for your tank to leak.

If your device does leak, and some of the juice gets into the electronic area, or onto the battery, it could ruin your device. If that happens, there is no way to fix it, so it is a good idea to be overly cautious with your device.

Disconnect While Charging, Too

Usually, you charge your device at night too, and it is a good idea to have your tank disconnected then as well. This can affect the life of your coils or even your battery.  Some say it will charge quicker this way too, but we have not tested that theory. Still, it won’t hurt anything if you take the tank off while charging at night.

There is a possibility that your juice is affected when it is left in your vaping device too long.  Try to arrange your day so your tank gets low at the end of the day. Take the tank off while you recharge it at night, and then refill your tank the next morning. This may not make a huge difference, but even a slightly better tasting juice is an improvement.

Signs of Leaking

Sometimes vaping devices will make excessive popping sounds, and even seem to spit tiny particles back at you while you are vaping. This can be caused by leakage and is the result of too much juice being where the spark ignites and creates the vapor. The simple solution here is to clean out the device, and leaving the tank off at night is just one way to keep it clear enough to avoid the popping and spitting it may do.

Another possibility if juice spits up or starts leaking from the airflow is because the device is not set to the proper wattage. Sometimes running at 30 watts on one tank is good but another tank might require more power to fire the coil. If there’s not enough power being supplied to the coil, the e juice doesn’t get vaporized and hence, a leaking tank.

Come and see us at the Vapor Smoke Shop for all your vaping and smoking needs. Our friendly staff is here to advise you and help you have the best experience possible. Finding the right device that will fit your lifestyle can make all the difference, and doing things like taking it apart at night will only make it better.