A good vape setup is not cheap, and sometimes the e juice isn’t either. That’s usually enough of a reason to want to avoid a leaking vape tank. A vape shop like Vapor Smoke Shop can be a great asset in avoiding leaky tanks. Some tanks and setups are better than others in this department, but even the best ones can leak if proper care is not taken. Leakage wastes the juice you bought, and it can also ruin your clothing and furniture in the process. 


Know Your Tank

The first thing to do is to read all of the instructions and read some reviews about your tank and mod. Vapor Smoke Shop can also help you with advice about getting the best equipment. Avoiding those with a reputation for leaking is a good piece of advice from your friendly local vape shop. 


Don’t Overfill

In reading the instructions, you will see the warning to not overfill your tank. A lot of people ignore this, but this is a major cause of leakage. Leave a small air bubble at the top. Also, most tanks have a tube going up the middle that acts like a chimney. You can easily pour your juice in there, and that is going to leak out when you do. It is also a good idea to keep the airflow closed while filling the tank. Leaving it open can allow juice to leak out.


Check Your O-Rings

Make sure your O-Rings are in good shape and that the tank itself is sealed properly when you use it. The rings do wear out eventually and can leak. If the vape tank is not sealed right, it can also leak. Make sure it is tightened enough, but not too tight, to keep leaks from happening. You must have the O-rings in place, and you must make sure the system itself is closed properly. Your local vape shop can help you with getting the right rings for your setup.


Stay Vertical

Keeping the tank vertical is also a good way to prevent leaks. When on their side, especially if full, the juice can seep out. This is also true when it is in use, so try to keep it vertical as much as possible. Keeping a tank in your shirt pocket can also be a problem since it is not likely to stay vertical there. Keeping the top cap on is also helpful in avoiding leakage. The way they are built makes some of them more prone to leakage, and keeping the cap on is helpful on those.


Balance Your PG and VG

Another thing you can do is to use the correct balance of PG and VG in your vape juice. Your local vape shop can be a good source there, and understanding this is essential if you want to get serious about vaping. The owners’ manual will tell you how much VG you need. The level of VG affects the thickness, just like viscosity in car engine oil. Using juice that is too thin can also make your tank leak.

Any of these things can make your tank leak, and even a combination of a couple of them at a low level can combine to cause a leakage. Come by 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b or email us at Vapor Smoke Shop to get help with leaky tanks, or with getting a tank that is not prone to leakage.