Nicotine salt-based e-liquids are becoming more popular every day. You can put these liquids in your open or closed systems, and many people use these nicotine salt e-liquids with their vape starter kit. What’s all the hype about? Here’s what you need to know about this new trend.


Salt Based Nicotine

Sometimes referred to as “nic salt”, nicotine salt is a type of nicotine used in vape juices. This e-liquid takes the nicotine that occurs naturally on a tobacco leaf and turns it into a vapable liquid. This is different from so-called “freebase” nicotine. The absorption rate that is registered in your body is much higher than the regular freebase nicotine. The salt based nicotine is a lot smoother when inhaling the vapor. The flavor on these liquids are much more flavorful, giving the end user a more pleasant experience. The salt based e-liquids can mimic the same effect as smoking a hookah or smoking a cigarette. There are two types of salt based liquids: one for vaping in a sub ohm box mod and a sub ohm tank that uses 3 mg or 6 mg of salt based nicotine, the other for vaping in a open unit system such as Suorin Air, Suorin Drop, Aspire Breeze, Eleaf iCare and more.

The real hype of salt based nicotine all started from the infamous Juul. Juul Vapor was started in 2015 from smokers who believed the public deserved something better than traditional analog cigarettes. That’s when they created something new and innovative in the industry and changed the way people vaped. With the popularity and high demand for Juul Pods and Juul starter kits, a new market was created in the vaping industry. Many popular companies started coming out with their own version of the Juul vape starter kit with a much improved battery life and pod capacity. One such company is Phix Vapor. When Phix came out in the vape world, it gave customers another option to give them their satisfying hit. Juno, Bo One, SMPO are a few more that followed the salt based trend.

In my opinion, in about a year or so, about 70% of the e-liquid market share will transfer over to salt based nicotine because of the smoothness and how quickly it delivers to your body.


Freebase Nicotine Versus Salt Nicotine

Traditional or freebase nicotine has the protons removed from it. To do this, manufacturers have to add a base such as ammonia. This process separates the nicotine from the natural salts that exist alongside the nicotine on the tobacco leaf. The freebase nicotine gives the user more of a throat hit.

With nicotine salts, the manufacturers don’t add a base, and as suggested by the name, they leave the salts intact.


Benefits to Nicotine Salts

Whether you are a dedicated vaper or someone who’s just getting started with a vape starter kit, you may be wondering if switching to nicotine salts offers any additional benefits. In the vaping world, this type of e-liquid is too new to say if it boasts any health benefits or long-term differences compared to traditional e-liquids.

However, researchers do know that nicotine salts seem to get absorbed by the blood faster. This gives users a “fix” faster than they normally get. For people who are using vaping to stop smoking cigarettes or for people who really enjoy the feel of nicotine, this is an ideal effect.


The Draw of Salt-Based Nicotine

The popularity of nicotine salts can be traced to a few different elements. It’s generally easier to inhale and smoother on the throat, and many people prefer its flavor and taste. Some people like nicotine salt because it feels different than traditional nicotine e-liquids. The effect tends to have more of a relaxing body feel than a head rush or head “high”.

Because nicotine salt is much less harsh on your throat than traditional e-liquids, users can take larger draws, and as a result, many people choose to use this e-liquid with higher doses of nicotine than they normally use. These doses can range from 25 to 50 mg. That creates a more intense feeling. However, people who use sub ohm devices (vaporizers that use less than an ohm of energy in their coils) also turn to salt nicotine, but they often choose lower levels of nicotine such as 3 or 6 mg.


Salt-Based Liquid Systems

There are a variety of different brands focused on salt-based nicotine. These include Mr Salt E, Naked 100 Salt, Salt Bae, and Infuzion Salt. If you invest in a vape starter kit and you don’t want to worry about disposable cartridges, you may want to get a closed system that uses pods such as Phix pods with salt nicotine or Juul Salts e-liquid replacement pods. Salt nicotine also works well in closed unit devices such as the Suorin Air, Suorin Drop, Icare Mini, Aspire Breeze, Juno, Bo One Vaping, and SMPO.


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