If you’re new to the world of vaping, you may want to invest in a vape starter kit. One of the decisions you need to make when ordering your kit is whether you want an open or enclosed e-cigarette. Here’s what you need to consider while making your choice.

What is the Difference Between Open and Closed E-Cigarette Starter Kits?

Pod systems are usually referred to as open or closed. Open means that you can use your own juice such as the Joytech Penguin, which is known for its unique style and powerful cloud. And then there is closed, like Juuls and the new Kangertech. Juuls, which are preferred by a lot of young vapers because you can charge it in a USB port and it has a very sleek design. Closed e cigarettes means that you have to use the manufacturer’s pod juice.

As for starter kits there are also regular devices and AIOs (all-in-ones). With AIOs, you can’t remove the tank from the device. Regular ones usually have 510 connectors and the tanks will screw off, allowing you to carry multiple tanks with you, each with different flavors and/or coil setups. You might have a dual clapton build RDA for one flavor, a single round coil RTA for another, and a stock coil subohm tank for a third. AIO devices may be easier for new vapers, but it limits your ability to upgrade.

You can also find a vape starter kit that features closed e-cigarettes. With this option, you have to buy small “tanks” for your e-cigarette. Those come filled with e-liquid in the flavor, nicotine strength, and other elements that you want. Then, you simply screw the tank into place on your e-cigarette. For example, Smoktech may be considered a closed system because it comes with a tank.

Besides the differences mentioned above, e-cigarettes that have open systems also tend to have removable mouth pieces. In contrast, closed e-cigarettes often have mouth pieces that are built right into the tank. Most open systems feature a mouthpiece, a clearomizer, and a battery, but with some open systems, you can also detach the wick and the coil as well.

In contrast, with closed systems, the tank and the battery are all a single unit. That makes it easier to clean. Some closed e-cigarettes are disposable.

Some of the salt based eliquids we carry are Mr.Salt E, Naked 100 Salt, Salt Bae, Infuzion Salt by Brewell, and Solace Eliquid. These liquids range from 25mg of salt based infused nicotine to 50mg.

Since they’re less powerful it requires more nicotine to get that satisfying hit. The salt based nicotine for these small powered devices ranges from 25mg to 50mg of nicotine. Salt based nicotine liquids give a more satisfying taste and flavor. These liquids can go into your open or closed system units.

What are the Benefits of an Open E-Cigarette?

If you want an e-cigarette that you can reuse over and over, you may want to look for a vape starter kit that includes an e-cigarette with an open design. That lets you explore different flavors, and it cuts down on the waste you produce. For instance, if you try a vape starter kit with Juul Pods, you can experiment with different flavors of pods until you find one you like.

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages with open systems is flavor ghosting. That is what happens when an old flavor lingers in your clearomizer after you have put in a new flavor.

What are the Benefits of a Closed System?

With a closed system, the e-cigarette is ready to use right away. You don’t have to worry about filling a clearomizer. Instead, you just screw in the tank and start using it. You also don’t have to worry about refilling the tank and making a mess. Finally, you don’t have to carry around e-liquids, and when you are done, you can just throw away the tank or the whole closed e-cigarette, depending on the set up.

However, you may need to carry extra batteries and tanks. In many cases, closed systems don’t hold their charges as well as open systems. Usually, that’s just because the battery is bigger in an open system.

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