Have you ever tried ordering vape juice online from a random website because it dazzled you with some amazing marketing tactic? Did you get sucked into their exclusive promotions or deal of the day? After all the anticipation of ordering your vape juice, you sit by the window and wait for your delivery. A few days later, your package has finally arrived and you get your vape juice in the mailbox in its fancy packaging. You’re so excited to vape it. It turns out that after one to two weeks of vaping on that flavor, the vape oil you thought was amazing at the beginning is now unpleasant and unbearable.

Now what?

Frustrated, but eager to find your all day vape, you continue your search again. Typed into the search bar is, “Top 5 Popular Vape Juice Flavors,” and after viewing multiple links, you come across a paid subscription site where you can input your flavors and nicotine level. After filling out the form, you can pay a monthly fee for your vape oil. With this information, this website will send you flavors according to your flavor profile. Sounds great, right? Wrong. After receiving numerous e-juices, due to the distinct variety of flavors, you realize that maybe this wasn’t the best decision, wasting away bottles and bottles of flavors that are not meeting your needs. Even after this disappointment, you try one last time to find delicious flavors to vape on before you switch back to cigarettes. You decide to search for a vape shop near you.

And that’s when you find us: Vapor Smoke Shop, your new go to shop for all your vaping needs.

Finding Your Perfect Vape Juice at Vapor Smoke Shop

As you enter, you’re instantly greeted with a smile and a friendly conversation. After seeing a plethora of vape juices on the wall, you may ask, “What are the most popular vape juice flavors?” Our top 5 selling vape juice flavors are Karma Liquids, Naked 100, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Slushy Man and Cyclops Vapor. Here at Vapor Smoke Shop, you can try any of these vape oils by joining a membership for only $1! Instead of paying crazy online prices for flavors that might not taste as delicious as their description, you can simply just drive down to us and pick up your favorite bottle today. You can also check out our e-juice selection online and purchase from us on our website. Lucky for you, if you find a product cheaper elsewhere, we price match all e-juices for the convenience and satisfaction of our consumers.

Why Our Vape Juice is Better

Our top 5 selling e-juice flavors are highly rated and acknowledged due to their compelling flavor profiles, the quality of the liquids, and their unique protective packaging. Check out these brands and the hard work the companies continue to put into their products. For example, Naked 100, produced by USA Vape Lab, have Lab Results next to each of their flavors to show that their liquids do not contain any Diacetyl or 2,3-Pentanedione. This gives the customers the confidence to purchase their liquids, knowing that there are no harmful substances or chemicals in their brand.

Once you visit Vapor Smoke Shop, you can wave goodbye to vaping unappetizing e-juices and say hello to a new world filled with a variety of flavors so that each customer can walk out with a juice they love. Our juice companies and flavors are picked through an innovative process of eliminating unpopular tastes and bringing in flavors and brands that are new to the Charlotte area, as well as flavors that are well-liked, well-known, and made in the United States.

While you are stopping by to pick up your favorite e-juice flavors, come check out our wide selection of e-cigs, mods, and coils for your tanks. If you can’t find an item you’re looking for, or if you need more information on any of our products, learn more about electronic cigarettes, dry herb and concentrate vaporizers, and more on e-juices. Give us a call at 704-847-1688 or come visit us at 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b in Charlotte.