Tobacco has become a specialty type of market with many shops that provide niche tobacco products. Our tobacco shop in Charlotte, North Carolina is one such store. We do specialize in vaping, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and other smoking devices. As a smoke shop and tobacco shop we are anything but standard. Take a look through our catalog of products to see what we mean. You can go even further and take a trip inside our store to see what type of tobacco products we have that you might fancy. If you’re looking to smoke your tobacco products from a certain type of device or a smoking apparatus then continue reading to see what kinds of smoking and tobacco products we carry at our smoke shop here in NC.

Smoking Products

At our tobacco shop located in Charlotte, you can purchase many different types of devices and brands to smoke your tobacco out of. Whether it be out of a dry herb vaporizer such as the Pax 3, Firefly 2, or out of a wax dab pen vaporizer like the Puffco Plus or GPen, we have many options for users who are on-the-go with little to zero odor. For home based smoking products, we carry water pipes, glass rigs, steam rollers, and bubblers for the glass connoisseurs. For someone who likes to smoke their tobacco out of a traditional tobacco pipe like a wood or metal hand pipe then we have plenty to choose from such as the Twisty Glass Blunts, Proto Pipes, to name a couple. We also have pre-rolled ready-to-smoke tobacco cigarillos and cigars which come in many flavors and have different leaf options like Fronto Leaf, Dutch Masters, and Swisher Sweets to name a few. For someone who loves a cigar wrap, we recommend the High Hemp wraps and are 100% GMO and vegan wraps. Don’t forget to grind and store your tobacco in our Santa Cruz Shredders, Diamond Grinders, Tight Pac Jars, Evak Jars and smell-proof bags to store and keep your tobacco fresh in. With so many flavors, options, and products to select from, our highly educated staff can help you select the right product that fits your need from the largest selection of all tobacco pipes and accessories in Charlotte.

Rolling Tobacco

For those of you that roll your own (RYO) tobacco, come check out our custom selection of rolling tobacco and rolling papers. We have thin papers from top brands like Zig Zags, and we also have flavored papers for smoking as well. Many people like to get their favorite flavors from our shop to roll their premium tobacco. If you purchased one of our roll-your-own tobacco machines, then you can purchase our fully stocked selection of tubes for your rolling tobacco. We also carry other products such as filter tips, raw papers, raw organic papers, element papers, rice papers, glass papers, hemp papers, hemp wick, hempire, Job papers, and Top. Others include niche brands like Bugler paper, 1.5 papers, Bambu papers, Juicy J papers, Bob Marley papers, Raw cones, Randy’s papers, or Wiz Khalifa rolling papers.

Accessories and Hookah Products

Our store is known for its selection of hookahs, flavored shisha, and charcoal. Whether you like to smoke hookah by yourself or with your friends, we have single hose Khalil Mamoon Hookah, Dual and Triple Hose Hookahs by Mya Hookahs. For the experienced users who want more flavor and smoke, try the all glass Fumo Hookahs.

Shisha can come in a variety of different kinds of blends, flavors, and sizes. For users who want to start off smoking shisha you can either have zero nicotine by Fantasia herbal shisha or nicotine by other companies. We recommend trying the Fantasia shisha or Al-Fahker shisha for first timers. For everyday users who know the process of smoking a hookah, we recommend Starbuzz or Haze Shisha. These are made with fine Virginia blend tobacco giving a true hookah experience on every puff.

Making a hookah is a type of art. Some people cut the tobacco before putting it in their bowl and some people add their favorite shisha into an apple or pineapple instead of the hookah bowl. Our tobacco blends also come in a variety of flavors and pouch sizes.

Using different types of charcoals can give you more or less smoke, and more or less flavor. It all depends on the convenience. If you don’t have a stove or grill and want to smoke hookah quickly, try an instant light charcoal by Three Kings or Al-Fahker charcoal. Instant light charcoals are good for quick, on-the-go hookahs, but these charcoals contain sulfur in them which can lead to nausea, headaches, and stomach aches in some users. For someone who doesn’t mind waiting an additional five to eight minutes, try one of our coconut charcoals like Coco Nara or Charco Flare. These charcoals do not contain any sulfur and are all natural coconut coals. They can easily be lit up on a gas stove top or on our Fumari charcoal burner.

Shop Online

Our shop is unique because we have an online tobacco shop in addition to our Charlotte, NC storefront at 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b. Our online shop carries many unique products that you may not be able to find at other shops, or if you just can’t travel out to the Charlotte area. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you live, we can ship to you. However, you must be 18 years or older to use our website and purchase products from our store.

Visit us in Charlotte to experience the best in tobacco products from a premium dealer and tobacco shop in the local area. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date products!