A lot of people have broken the tobacco habit by switching to vaping. This involves getting vapor off of an ejuice liquid which is essentially vegetable oil.  It can be confusing and look way too complicated to the uninitiated. This is where having a good local vape shop comes in handy. Learning how to vape is not as difficult as it looks, but there are a lot of new terminologies to learn, and some basic concepts to grasp. Having someone guide you along the path can make the learning curve much shorter and a lot more fun.

What Kind of Smoker are You?

If you want to make the switch, you should consider the kind of smoker you are, and let that influence how you approach vaping. If you like the smoke itself, and handling your cigarette or cigar, a simple pen would be a good place to start. It will feel like a cigarette to a large extent, and there are single-use electronic cigarettes out there. They don’t offer many options for ejuice though, and that is the new world you want to explore. A pen does use ejuice, and you will have access to the wide variety of flavors out there. If you are more into the ritual aspect of smoking, a larger pen might be best, or even a mod. A mod is a battery powered device which can heat the eliquid in different settings. For example, if you wake up one morning with a sore throat and you still want your nicotine fix, then simply turn down the wattage on your mod so you’re still able to get the satisfying hit. Or later, when you’re out with your friends in the evening and you need more nicotine or a better hit than you did in the afternoon, simply turn the wattage up until it’s satisfying for you. This is a more advanced way to vape.

Learning Ejuice Terminology

Ejuice is the liquid that is made into vapor, and that is what you inhale. It comes in hundreds of flavors. If there is a flavor out there you want to vape, we have it! Many vape shops mix their own and they make it to order. All of the ejuices at Vapor Smoke Shop are all made in a clean room lab or in an ISO 6 facility or higher. All of our eliquids are pre-steeped and ready to vape right away. Our vape juices contain zero percent of nicotine to all the way up to 50 milligrams of nicotine.

Fighting Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is one of many reasons why smoking cigarettes or tobacco is so addictive, and that is why a lot of people keep smoking. Smoking cigarettes or tobacco is also addictive for users who like the “hand to mouth” gesture.  Vape ejuice can come with different levels of nicotine, or with no nicotine at all. A little trial and error can get you to your current level of nicotine “need” so when you switch you won’t have any cravings. There are standard levels in milligrams. The standard measures for ejuice are 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, and 18 and there are higher levels available such as 25, 35, 45, and 50mg for smaller devices . A pack-a-day smoker would probably be at the six or 12 range. If you want to get off the nicotine addiction, you can gradually reduce your level of nicotine to zero and find yourself no longer addicted. By this point, you may find yourself really into the vaping culture, and wish to keep vaping anyway.

Come visit us at Vapor Smoke Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. We can get you started in vaping, and help you make the switch from tobacco to vapor. We can help you pick out the best means of doing that, such as a small pen like a Suorin Air, or a Smok mod. If you’re already a current vaper then we can also help you find an ejuice that best suits your tastes and needs.