vape shop charlotte ncVaping is a reasonable option for people who want to stop smoking but are struggling to quit. By visiting your local vape shop you can learn to control the level of nicotine you inhale, and slowly lower your level of nicotine. Visit Vapor Smoke Shop to get help with lowering your nicotine levels as you break the addiction to smoking.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is an addictive drug that keeps people smoking. People also get addicted to a certain level of nicotine, and when that level decreases there is the urge to light one up. There are simple e-cigarettes that can replace smoking, but you don’t have as many options with those. Using a vaping device that allows you to add your own juice gives you absolute control over the flavor and the level of nicotine.

Nicotine is measured from 0 mg or as much as 60 mg of nicotine. The milligrams of nicotine we recommend to you will depend on how many cigarettes you smoke. If you’re vaping a subohm device and about half a pack of cigarettes a day, then 3mg would be good to start off with. If you’re vaping on a pod system device like the Suorin Drop then we would recommend starting off at 20-35mg of salt nicotine.

Dropping Nicotine Levels Safely

One very important point is that you must stop smoking if you are going to do this. If you do both you will likely end up addicted to a much higher level of nicotine and be worse off than when you started. Vaping takes a little getting used to, but after a few days, it will seem natural. 

After you find the level that feels good, you can start to taper off. If you start out with 12, after a few weeks, go down to 6mg. Your smoke shop or vape shop will be happy to advise you and help you negotiate the path. Getting solid advice is one of the advantages of shopping with a local vape shop.

Get the Right Device

Using the right equipment is also important. There are many kinds of devices, and as you go up to higher levels you get better devices that deliver more nicotine. Adjust your nicotine level accordingly with help from your vape shop. Another tactic is to get some juice with no nicotine and adjust your intake by adding it to a bottle to lower the nicotine level. If you start off with a subohm device, start your nicotine off low. Subohm devices will give you a nice big cloud for people who are more visual when seeing their smoke. Pod system devices like the Suorin Air or Smok Nord are more for people who do not want that big cloud will require more nicotine to feel that satisfaction after every pull.

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Stop by Vapor Smoke Shop to learn more about switching from tobacco to vaping. We can help you find the device that is best for you, and just the right nicotine level so you can take control of the levels yourself. We have a wide variety of devices, and all the different flavors you could want. We can even adjust flavors if you want to try a different mixture.

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