Smoking cigars is a great way to mark a special occasion or relax at the end of a long day. However, there is more to smoking a cigar than lighting up, sitting back, and savoring its warmth and flavor. In order to enjoy a cigar to its fullest, you need to choose the right kind of cigar; know how to cut and light it properly; and learn where to find the best cigars on the market. At our Charlotte smoke shop we have lots of the top brands for your selection.

Understanding the Different Types of Cigars

If you are buying cigars for the first time, it can be overwhelming choosing the perfect brand. Instead of spending money on the first box of cigars you come across, it pays to do a little research in advance. Here are a few types of cigars that you will come across.

  • Panatela—Seven inches in length, with a 38-ring gauge, with a long, thin shape.
  • Corona—Six inches in length, with a 42-ring gauge diameter. The cigar has a closed, rounded head and an open foot.
  • Torpedo—Has a closed foot, pointed head, and a bulge in the middle.
  • Perfecto—Similar to the Torpedo, except it has a rounder shape with two closed ends.
  • Pyramid—Has a closed head that is gently pointed at the tip.
  • Culebra—Made of three Panatelas that are braided together, giving it a thick, rope-like appearance.

Start Mild and Slow

Unless you have been smoking cigars for a while, it is advisable to start your cigar journey with a mild blend, and do it slowly. Sample a stick of different mild cigars to start with. Do not buy an entire box of the same kind, just to find out you cannot stand the taste of your first cigar.

Keep in mind that the wider and shorter the cigar, the stronger the flavor will be. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and coughing throughout your first stick, choose a longer, thinner cigar. Research milder brands or ask store assistants when you make your purchase. Milder cigars are also less expensive, making them the perfect choice for beginners.

Check Your Cigar Before Lighting Up… And Paying Up

Before you whip out your wallet, take the cigar and squeeze the length very gently; feeling for spots that are either too soft or too hard. Soft or hard spots will give you a bad draw on the cigar or may not give you a full flavor.

In addition, check for lumps in the cigar and inspect the ends for signs of discoloration. The wrapper should not be damaged or discolored, either. If the cigar or its wrapper is damaged in any way, ask for another stick or box.

Appropriately Store Cigars For the Best Taste

The key to enjoying a cigar is to preserve its flavor. This means investing in the right humidor. If you do not own one yet, avoid buying more than two sticks at a time. Cigars will dry out in about three days, and that is money down the drain. If you have purchased a humidor beforehand, make sure that you put your cigars inside right away.

Some people use sealed, waterproof containers to store their cigars. Tupperware containers are ideal. Just make sure that you do not take the cigars out of the cellophane packaging. If you want to enjoy your cigar to the fullest, never leave a stick unprotected.

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