The container holding your vaping e juice goes by a lot of names. They have been called tanks, atomizers, RDAs (rebuildable drip atomizers – where the coils and cottons sit in one section of the atomizer), and RDTAs (rebuildable drip tank atomizers – the coils sit on the top of the atomizer and the cotton wicks all the way to down from the top of the atomizer to the bottom), just to name a few. The tank style containers hold the juice needed for vaping and it is usually recommended for people who are new to vaping. New vapers find that it is simpler to use. You just fill it up and you are ready to start vaping. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The coil inside your vape pen that meets the tank is what heats the juice to be vaped. When you need to replace the coil, you can usually buy a replacement at your local vape shop in Charlotte, NC. You might have seen people replacing their coils themselves. If this is something you’d like to try, check out our tips.

Notes of Caution

There are some more advanced users out there you might have seen using cotton, but this will not work with a starter vaping pen setup because those are modified and advanced versions. It could be dangerous for beginners to tinker with that method. If you are a beginner, you want to build simple coils for your vaping device. If you don’t really know what you are doing or do not feel comfortable with building your own coils, talk with an expert at Vapor Smoke Shop or just buy the replacement coils instead. However, if you are up to learning what is needed to start building your own coils, continue reading. If you need further help, visit our vape shop.

Tools Needed

You will want to start with a baseline method. There are a few ways to choose from, each with its own level of difficulty and nuance. They take practice, but are not super difficult to get started. You will need some tools. An electric drill with variable speed will be most helpful. You should also have a small pliers or grips with a flat edge. Needle nose work great. You also need some wire, preferably between 22 gauge and 28 gauge in size. Some precision screwdrivers on hand would be nice as well, and some drill bits. You also should have a coil master building kit, which you can get at our vape shop.

Methods of Building Coils for Vaping Pens

Start by straightening your wires using the drill. When it comes to building coils, you will find that there are three good methods. The easiest is to use a drill bit once you have determined the size of the coil needed. A coil master build kit will contain the devices needed to create the coil. You simply wrap your nickel or whatever metal wiring you are using around the shaft to get the desired size. If you don’t have this kit, you can use a drill bit or precision screwdriver shaft to start building the coil. Simply wrap the wire around the edges of those shafts until you have a tightly wound coil to use. Use pliers to get a tight grip on the wire. There will be excess that you will have to cut. You will then need to form your coils to fit within the replacement in your vaping pen. You will have to do some experimenting until you find your groove.

With these types of atomizers you want to use 100% organic cotton like Cotton Bacon or Japanese Cotton. We prefer Cotton Bacon as it has more flavor and the cotton is more absorbent. The flavor that you get out of your juice is 100% true to its profile. It’s also very easy to try different flavors out with an RDA. Currently the top selling RDAs are the Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA which uses a 6mm mesh screen instead of the traditional coils/wire. The mesh coils have been known and tested to give out an even better flavor than the traditional coils. If you’re a flavor chaser then you definitely want to try a mesh RDA out and we recommend the Profile by Wotofo. If you’re looking to get into the traditional wire RDA we recommend the Dead Rabbit by Hellvape or the 528 Custom Goon. These two RDAs have been solid leading RDAs in the industry that sure gives a big cloud and amazing flavor! Sure it gets a bit hectic of changing the cotton out every week and if you have premium coils like fused Clapton’s, Alien Wire, etc., then your coils can be changed out every six months to a year depending on the wattage you vape at. If you come in to our vape shop we can show you how all this works and give you the best tools and instructions on getting started!

For more information about building coils, please visit us at 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b in Charlotte. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you our tips and tricks for getting the best vaping experience possible. You can even give us a call at 704-847-1688 or contact us online.