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Vaporizers are getting better and better. At Vapor Smoke Shop we carry the best brands of vaporizers in Charlotte, NC. We have actually been voted the #1 vape shop in the Queen City twice in a row! Our recent award has sent people from all over greater Charlotte to visit our team and learn about vaporizers.  Enthusiasts from Pineville, Ballantyne, Matthews, Uptown Charlotte, Mint Hill and surrounding towns come to check out our massive eJuice selection and talk to our team about the latest and greatest in vaporizers and vape pens. Check out our list of dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizer brands we carry.

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to traditional smoking?

Vaporizers are an excellent option for you to smoke your dry herbs or concentrates. To smoke your dry tobacco, our non-combustion vaporizers are a perfect fit. They use convection heating which means your tobacco gets baked instead of burned, making it reusable for up to 3 times. These types of vaporizers leave no lingering odor. Our favorite vaporizers at Vapor Smoke Shop are:

  • Pax 2 by Ploom Vaporizer and the Pax 3, both of which offer a 10 year warranty
  • Magic Flight Launch Box
  • iOlite Wispr, which uses butane so its perfect when you go camping
  • Summit Vaporizer
  • G Pro vape pen, which is a budget-friendly option
  • G Pen Elite
  • FireFly 2 Vaporizer

If you are interested in smoking concentrates, we carry:

  • Cloud Pens
  • Micro G Pen
  • Dr Dabber Boost
  • Dr Dabber Aura
  • Yocan Evolve Plus
  • Atmos Boss
  • Cloud Penz 2.0

For people who use dry herbs and concentrates, they can purchase a Volcano vaporizer since it has the option to vape either your dry herbs, tobacco, or concentrates. Vaporizers are quickly becoming a trend because of their style, portability, convenience, and the health benefits that appeal to all people who want to achieve a lifestyle free from smoking. Come check out Vapor Smoke Shop in Charlotte and we will assist you in choosing the best vaporizer and vape pen that suits your needs.

We help people from Pineville to Ballantyne, Uptown to Mint Hill, and everywhere in between to find the right smoking tools and equipment for them.

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